Enough Web 3.0! Enough algorhythms! Enough tracking, ads, and corporate bullshit! Make your own website!
Do you want to fully customize your online space - not just your handle, profile picture, and sometimes the header image? Do you want YOUR OWN space on the web, where nobody can dictate what you make and what you post? Make! Your! Own! Website!
Making your own website from scratch in HTML and CSS may seem like a daunting task, especially if you've never done this before, but trust me! It's easy! Look up HTML tutorials for beginners and go! And even if you don't know what to make your website about - that's fine! Just do recipes, cool pictures, link to their fun websites you found, just do it!
And do not even get me started on major tech corporations and their practices to limit what the user can do with each and every year. The prime example of this behavior is Apple, the company whose products I swear to never buy. No installing outside apps? No rooting? No headphone jack? Expensive as hell and fragile on a weak warranty? And you can't even fix it yourself? Oh boy, sign me up. The lack of a right to repair is leading to over-production and over-consumption, literally contributing to death of our planet as we speak. Using tech in a way that opposes these corporate practices makes a difference. If you consider yourself an activist for climate change and then contribute to the issue by ignoring the huge amount of problems a lack of a right to repair your own devices bring, you are a hypocrite. Overproduction adn overconsumption brought onto us is a plague, and it will eventually lead to our demise.
I won't even mention the so called tech-anarchists that are into NFTs, you are literally the problem. Call me a schizo all you want, but if you're ready to burn down a forest to get a pixel monkey there's something deeply wrong with you.