Do you enjoy digital media? Are you poor or otherwise unable/unwilling to splurge on yet another subscription-based service you'll get tired of in approximately 3 months? Boy, do I have a solution for you. Not paying however-much-netflix-or-any-other-streaming-service-decided-their-service-is-worth. And you may ask 'Oh, but how do I do that? I know of these evil webbed sites with loads of ads and pop-ups and viruses on them, how do I just get the content?' Here, I will tackle this with you, step by step. I'm not a super computer expert, but I still know this and that, so here I will share the methods I use myself. First off I suggest to switch to Mozilla Firefox, because it's a better browser.
Remember that all of this is to be done at your own personal risk ONLY.

1. Get yourself a proper ad-block.

I personally reccomend using the UBlock Origin browser extension (here fo you Google Chrome people), from what I have heard it's the most reliable one out there. Pop-ups, ugly banners, hot singles in your area, you name it, they're gone. Greatly reduces the risks of getting a virus on your voyage through the web.

2. You also need an anti-virus.

For what I do, the current Windows Defender does the job pretty well, but I also use Malwarebytes for additional protection. Malwarebytes also comes with a browser extension, which is a great help, just sometimes it is a bit overprotective when it comes to pirating content y'know. Still, don't do piracy without an antivirus, unless you hate having a functional computer.

3. Find a torrenting client.

Now I'm not an expert on torrenting, I only know the very baby basics that allow me to get what I want but I personally use Deluge. It's free and open source, and it's been working pretty well for me so far. As I said, I can't teach you much about torrenting, I only have a basic grasp on the things I need to do with it, but there are plenty of people out there who make tutorials and can surely help you with that :)

4. You probably should have a VPN.

Now, this is an area I know barely anything in, as from my experience I can say that digital copyright laws in my country are rather lax and rarely if ever enforced (unless the copyrighted material comes from this country, that's another story), HOWEVER that does not mean you should be like me. You do not want to get a stern letter from your Internet service provider, or worse, have a bunch of sad men knock on your door one unfaithful day. Now when picking a VPN I can only tell you to a) steer clear from things advertised by your favourite Youtuber, b) steer clear from the free stuff, as it is usually not too reliable, and c) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ THE TOS. Make sure that the VPN company won't hand over your data to cops as soon as they ask. Make sure that they are not selling your data willy-nilly. Make sure that the VPN you pick and the company behind them does not have a history of shady practices. That's all I can tell you on VPNs. When in doubt, consult the Piracy subreddit. They'll most likely help you out.

5. Watch your step.

No, seriously. Be careful where you're going. Online, of course. Don't trust a site or uploader? Don't download. Consult places such as the aformentioned Piracy subreddit, and be careful. Always check opinions on a site or uploader on a site that isn't that easy to buy out/astroturf, check the links you're clicking on, etc etc. If it isn't obvious already. Browsing for pirated content online can be a daunting task when every single website looks like it want to scam you out of all your money, but trust me. Just maintain basic Internet hygiene, mkay? You should be fine if you do so. And don't let the hot singles in your area fool you.

6. Have fun :)

I'm currently preparing a list of websites and resources where you can find Stuff, in the meanwhile you can browse my tumblr's totally legal tag, or check the Piracy subreddit and their resource megathread. Stay safe, have fun.